Electric Netting

Powerfields Electric Netting is perfect for portable and temporary electric fence set-ups.

Conductive Polywire and non conductive strands plastic molded together for strength, this netting will protect your animals from foxes, weasels, coyotes, stray dogs, or other predators.

Powerfields Netting comes with the necessary stakes and cords for installation, and also includes a repair kit.

  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout
  Name SKU Description Category Location Additional data
Sheep Netting - Posts Included P-75-W , P-75-G, or P-75-O
An economic electric net to contain sheep or other medium sized animals.
Keeps predators out.
32" tall 164' long. Includes posts.
Sheep Netting
Poultry/Goat Netting - Posts included P-89-W , P-89-G , P-89-O
A universal net for containment or exclusion of all animals.
40" tall and 164' long. Includes posts.
Poultry/Goat Netting
Commercial Grazier Netting P-NPX

48” tall x 164’ long. With double-spiked posts.

Poultry/Goat Netting
82' Electric Poultry Pen P-NSPCX2

40” tall and 82’ long, provides the ultimate predator protection for your chickens. Orange/green.

Poultry/Goat Netting
Bee/Bear Netting P-NSG12X50

40" tall x 50' long Posi/Neg Electric Net.

Electric Netting