Sheep Netting

At 32” tall and 164’ long, Powerfields Sheep Netting is suitable for containing sheep and other similar sized animals while deterring predators like dogs, coyotes and raccoons from getting in. The vertical and horizontal strands are connected by a molded plastic, non slip bead. The vertical and bottom horizontal strands are wireless to prevent arcing to the ground. All horizontal strands are connected at both ends with a galvanized junction clip for joining additional nets and connecting the fence charger.
  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout
Category: Sheep Netting
SKU: P-75-W , P-75-G, or P-75-O
An economic electric net to contain sheep or other medium sized animals.
Keeps predators out.
32" tall 164' long. Includes posts.

48” tall x 164’ long. With double-spiked posts.