Gate Accessories

Specific Hardware that will work best for installing a gate in your electric fence system.

Sub Categories

  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout
  Name SKU Description Category Location Additional data
2” Polytape End Tensioner R2-40WC1
One way tensioner for end and gate posts
Polytape Hardware
2” Polytape Corner Tensioner R2-50WC1
Two way tensioner for corners and tape gates
Polytape Hardware
2" Polytape Gate Handle R-2-12-W or R-2-12-B
For use with wide Polytape.
High Tensile Wire Cutters P-HTC

Adjustable stop set with rubber insulated handle.

Fence Wire Tools
Multi-Purpose Fence Tool P-FT

Hardened steel, bright finish, and black insulated grip.

Fence Wire Tools
1½" Polytape End Tensioner R-40-WC2 or R-40-BC2
Fits all 1½" polytape. The stainless steel...
Safe-Fence Electric System
1½" Polytape Corner Tensioner R-50-WC2 or R-50-BC2
Used in corners, tape gates and...
Safe-Fence Electric System
1½" Polytape Gate Handle R-12-W or R-12-B
Gate handle for 1½" Polytape.
Safe-Fence Electric System
Spring Gate Kit R-14-W
Spring gate with hardware. 32 inches compressed to 24 feet long extended 
Gate Accessories