In the event that your Powerfields Fence Energizer ceases to function, follow these instructions.

  1. Self-test/Troubleshooting
    1. Check the power source with another appliance to ensure power is getting to your energizer.
    2. Check that the connection wires to the fence and ground rods are clean. Check the fence line for dead shorts such as broken wire touching the earth or plant material touching the fence, which could short the energizer.
    3. If the energizer was purchased was within 12 months, return to store of purchase for replacement. If the purchase was within 12-36 months, proceed to part B.

  2. Energizer Repair
    1. Locate a copy of your original invoice or receipt from the day the unit was purchased. 
      1. If you have purchased the unit within the last 3 years - proceed to step two. 
      2. If you have purchased your energizer longer than 3 years ago, please call Powerfields at 1-800-843-3702
    2. Include a copy of your invoice/receipt in the box with your energizer. Also include a note with your name, address, phone number, and a brief description of the problems you are having.
    3. Mail the energizer and above paperwork to:
      Powerfields Warranty, ATTN: Dean
      344 Kendall Rd,
      Blairsville, PA 15717
    4. Please wait for the usual repair turn-around time of 1-2 weeks.