Image of a black cow by a fenceThe need to train an animal to a physical barrier fence is minimal because this fence type depends on the robustness to contain the animals. However, there should be some type of introduction to the new fence before setting the animal loose. This is especially true with horses. With a psychological barrier fence, the need to train the animal increases dramatically as the strength of the fence alone may not be able to contain the animal if they try to break through.

The calculation of a Joule is a complicated electrical principle that defines the amount of electrical work being transferred (or work done).  The simple equation is Volts x Amps (Watts) x On-time = Joules or the work required to produce one watt of power for one second, or one "watt second" .

PF 500 S12 TPOSTThe popularity of solar power continues to grow from commercial mass storage facilities to roof top home systems as well as the power supply for electric fencing. When energizing electric fence with solar power the cost per watt of power verses the cost of using a 110 source is much higher, however with electric fence the choice is often not an option due to lack of an available AC connection at the desired location of the electric fence. 110 volt fence chargers will always be a much better value over solar power due the power to cost ratio and for that reason 110 volt should always be the first choice.

Powerfields is an ever growing fence company specializing in SAFE-FENCE a product designed for the safety and wellbeing of horses. Powerfields also carries a number of other fencing products making us a leading distributor of high quality products meant to last.


Founded in 1992 Powerfields began as the J.L. Williams Company. PowerFields was created in 2009 as an all-inclusive brand for an assortment of poly-fencing material. In 2014 Powerfields introduced a new line of electric fence energizers keeping with the company’s history of high quality products for the ever changing field of agriculture. The most recent change to Powerfields was in 2015 when Kencove, a privately owned fence company located in Blairsville, PA acquired the company.

In traditional electric fences, a conductor (wire) carries a charge from the energizer around the entire fence. When a horse touches the wire, the circuit is completed, thus giving a memorable reminder not to touch again. Designed with the safety of horses in mind, polytape operates in this same fashion as traditional fences. It is woven with conductive wire strands that carry a charge along the fence.